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We love dogs. We love nature. We believe feeding your dog healthy, high-quality food shouldn’t come at the expense of animal welfare or the environment. So we make sure that it doesn’t by producing sustainable, premium dog food and have it delivered, straight to your door. 

For your dog. For our planet.

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For your dog. For our planet.

Co2-neutral products

When we produce Goood, we inevitably release carbon dioxide. We offset the CO2 that can not be avoided, with our climate protection partner by protecting forests and planting trees. As a result, the released CO2 is converted back into oxygen thanks to photosynthesis.

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Recyclable packaging

Our world first recyclable packaging keeps the food fresh, thanks to a special combination of materials. These packages are packed in a box made of FSC-certified recycled cardboard whose material comes from recycled sources of wood from responsible forestry.

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At Goood, we don't just think about dogs, but also animal welfare. 
Our meat comes from certified free range or organic farms and our fish is caught sustainably. Our manufacturers think like we do and insist on certified quality.

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Grain-free recipes

All of our recipes are grain-free and follow a holistic nutritional concept. Our premium sustainable dog food has no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives. We also stay well away from genetic modified crops and add no extra sugar.

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Fantastic food with fantastic ingredients! My dog has a sensitive tummy but has got on really well with this food. He really enjoys it and no signs of his bad stomach. Brilliant staff and quick delivery.



My dog usually prefers wet food and is not interested in dry but she devoured these. No problems with stomach and I'd definitely recommend.



My dog loves these. Gorgeous little heart shaped, juicy treats . Great value too.



My dog is getting on really well with this food! He has a sensitive stomach but has had no tummy upsets while on this food. Plus he really enjoys it! The fish is great for his joints too, we're really happy with it! Friendly, helpful staff and fast delivery!


Goood proteins

Every bag of Goood contains easily digestible proteins. The contents are tailored precisely to the needs of today’s dogs. Even sensitive dogs who suffer from food intolerances will love our free-range chicken, turkey and lamb and sustainably-caught fish recipes. 

From ethical provenance

Free range lamb

All of our lamb comes from certified free-range farms where the sheep live as closely as possible to the natural state. Free range sheep also enjoy special attention because of their valuable wool.

Organic Turkey

Organic turkey farming is a niche market. We are very proud to have found a organic farmer in Germany, who is able to provide us with organic turkey meat for our dog food and treats.

Sustainably sourced Fish

Our sustainable fish comes from sustainably certified fisheries that are careful to protect fish stocks and minimise the effects of fishing on the ecosystem. 

We love dogs. We love nature

We also believe in giving back to local communities. Here's how.

Goood Air

Did you know that Goood is entirely CO2-neutral? We know that carbon dioxide is not so goood. When we produce Goood, we inevitably release some into the atmosphere through farming, manufacturing and transportation. We can’t change that, but what we can do is minimise it with energy-saving production methods and by keeping transport distances as short as possible. We also offset any CO2 that cannot be avoided.

We work with natureOffice, our climate protection partner in Germany, to protect woodlands and plant trees. Climate protection is a global concern, and the trees convert the released carbon dioxide back into oxygen by photosynthesis.

The Box

We put our tasty food in its stay-fresh packaging inside a box made from FSC-certified recycled cardboard. We source recycled wood for this from responsible forestry operations. It also makes our food easy for you to carry home.

Is double packaging really environmentally-friendly?

What you need to know is that our stay-fresh packaging is a real multi-tasker. It keeps the food fresh and the special combination of materials is reusable, so the bag is not simply burned. It is reborn! As a park bench, for example. The recycled outer box protects the packaging from sunlight. And that’s the difference. Both materials are recyclable and thus more environmentally-friendly than a simple plastic bag.

Goood Subscription

We all live hectic lives and spending time with your four legged friend is the best way to get a breather from the busy daily routine.

Saving you time, our subscription service means you can get your new sustainable premium dog food delivered to your doorstep on the same day each month, including Saturday and Sunday’s!

True life stories on our packaging...
The dogs whose pictures grace our packaging are not just pretty faces.
They are our Instagram ambassadors and you can follow their bold adventures on their accounts.

Do you have similar adventure stories about your dog? Tag a picture of your best friend on Instagram with the hashtag #goooddog and perhaps your dog will soon be smiling back at you from our packaging.

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