Goood packaging.

Our packaging in unique

Our Goood bags are made from a special material that make them extra recyclable. This means they can be reincarnated as an entirely new product (and not just thermally recycled for minimal energy like other dog food bags).

The drawback to this material is that if it is exposed to light for a long period of time the vitamins in the food can start to break down. Not so goood. That is why we pack them in this easy to carry recycled cardboard box which ensures our dog food stays fresh and full of quality.

Recyclable packaging

Regular dog food bags are made from materials that can only be burned for fuel in a process known as thermal recycling. Goood dog food bags are the first in the world to be made from a recyclable two-part composite material that can be transformed into something entirely new in a process known as material recycling.

We put our tasty food in its stay-fresh packaging inside a box made from recycled cardboard. We source recycled wood for this from responsible forestry operations.  

Your food will be delivered by DPD, an environmentally conscious courier company who also have a carbon neutral commitment. More information on their policy can be found here. 

Goood for our planet

See how we are helping to protect forests around the world and our tree re-planting schemes here.