Goood for our planet

Just like us, dogs love the great outdoors. That’s why at Goood our focus is not just on top-quality, tailor-made dog food but also on conservation and protecting the environment. That’s what sustainably produced premium dog food means to us. 

Carbon Neutral Product

Goood for the environment. CO2 neutral

Unfortunately, when we produce dog food CO2 is an unavoidable by-product that is created during farming, production and transport. Of course, as a sustainably produced product, we do everything we can to keep the amount CO2 we create as low as possible. But that’s not quite goood enough for us.

We offset this carbon dioxide by planting trees. Trees that convert carbon dioxide back into life-giving oxygen. Subsequently, Goood is absolutely CO2-neutral – a much nicer word, don’t you think?

Climate protection is a global concern. That’s why we’re taking action in the United Kingdom, Germany and across the world. Simply offsetting the CO2 we produce is a goood thing. But, we always take care to plant more trees than we need to, so we can really be sure that our dog food is truly goood for the planet.

We’re plant these trees together with the Woodland Trust and Nature Office from Germany. From July 2018, with our tracking ID,  you can find all the details on how and where we‘re offsetting our CO2 via the

Protecting forests in Brazil  

In Jari Amapá, Brazil, we're helping to maintain and protect the forest. The project aims to reduce additional greenhouse gas emissions and promote the development of sustainable business models for the families who live there, ensuring long-term protection for the forest. This project has VCS, CCBS and REDD+ certification.

Planting Trees in Germany

We are planting trees immediately outside our front door in Germany, where our product is manufactured. Bergwaldprojekt e.V. is helping us with this project, whose aim is to maintain, protect and care for ecosystems.

Building a natural forest in Togo
In the African country of Togo, a real natural forest is emerging. Tree nurseries are being set up to grow native trees which can then be planted. We are receiving enthusiastic support from the local population, which is also very important to us.


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