Goood Social Projects

For your dog. For our planet.

 Do Goood - we are more than a dog food brand

For us, this is quite simple. We want to provide your dog with the best, natural and sustainable ingredients, whilst also looking out for our environment. 

But the environment to us, doesn't just mean being carbon neutral brand and using responsible recyclable packaging, it also means trying to make a difference wherever we can, starting here in the UK. 

We are determined to be different and do some goood. We have, therefore, chosen some projects that are close to our hearts, in which we are able to give back.

What Goood can we do?

For the first project, we wanted to give back to those who are in need. Homelessness and rough sleeping unfortunately still happens, with an estimated 4,751 people in the UK having to call the streets a place to live. Many of these people have a dog. 

We have decided that for every 3kg and 9kg box sold we will donate a 300g bag of food, this is enough dog food for a breed like a Staffordshire Bull Terrier to be fed for the day. We hope with your support, we can raise awareness and provide companionship to those in need. It should be all of our aim to put an end to homelessness.

Find out more here.

For the second project, we wanted to address another issue that is close to our heart. The decline of the Bumblebee.

With intensive farming on the rise from supermarkets striving to provide us with the 'ever perfect' vegetable. The bumblebee's habitat has been squeezed, having a detrimental effect on their population numbers. 

Goood are proudly supporting the Bumblebee Conservation Trust  by donating 5% of our sales revenue generated from our Free range puppy food.

Find out more this here.