Why we support MSC-certified fisheries


Goood uses MSC-certified fisheries

We recently visited Devon to catch up with Professional Angler, Marina Gibson, to hear first-hand the importance of sustainable fishing.

Here at Goood, we only use MSC-certified fish within our products. But what is the MSC-certification and what are the benefits of sustainable fishing?

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is an independent non-profit organisation which sets a standard for sustainable fishing in an attempt to safeguard fish stocks and keep our oceans full of life.

With many marine ecologists believing that the single biggest threat to today's marine ecosystems is overfishing, the MSC-certification is vital to ensuring the longevity of our fish stocks. Our requirements for fish now exceed the oceans ecological limit, as there is estimated to be four times more global fishing capacity than there are fish left to catch (Greenpeace), and this is having devastating impacts.

However, there is hope for our oceans!

MSC is vital in safeguarding our seas and we’re proud to support fisheries dedicated to protecting our oceans for future generations.

Watch the video below to hear first-hand the importance of sustainable fishing…