Planting Trees

Last week we launched a pretty unique campaign, with a big and very important mission… to plant as many trees as possible!

We’re a brand ready to shake up the dog food market to become more sustainable, and we wanted to get our eco-friendly word out to as many people as we could, in the most sustainable way possible.

Over the course of three days, for every new follow we received on Instagram and Facebook, we promised to plant a tree.

Thanks to you lovely people we are getting ready to plant 4641 trees! We couldn’t be prouder of every one of our brilliant follows, a big thank you to you all. We can’t wait for you to join our journey.

At Goood we are passionate about nature (as well as dog food) and are determined to do everything we can to help protect our planet. As a company we are already carbon negative, meaning we go beyond achieving net zero carbon emissions (carbon neutral) to actually create an environmental benefit by removing additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

But we want to do better!

We don’t want our tree planting to be a one-off event, and instead want to factor it into our daily business practices. Going forward we pledge to continue to plant trees across Brazil, Togo, Germany and Scotland, the four countries our trees will be planted in, which leads to numerous social benefits like creating local economies and health care, and other environmental benefits like flood and biodiversity protection on top of reducing our planets dangerous levels of Carbon Dioxide.

Stay tuned for updates and behind the scenes shots of our tree-planting mission and if you know anyone who are dog lovers or sustainability enthusiasts, we’d love for you to share this blog :D