Keeping Your Dog Healthy Over The Festive Period

Christmas isn’t just full of excitement for us humans, its also full of fun for your dog. It’s the time of year when your house is full of exciting smells, tempting treats and plenty of people to play with. It’s the perfect time to spend plenty of quality time with your dog on long walks and nights in by the fire!

However, the festive period also poses a few hazards for dogs - so we’ve outlined our top tips to help ensure your dog stays healthy and happy this Christmas. 

Keep them away from poisonous foods 

Some of the tastiest Christmas foods are actually poisonous to dogs. Make sure you keep them away from chocolate, raisins, grapes, onions, mince pies and macadamia nuts, as although these are tasty treats for humans, they can be lethal for our dogs. This means being extra careful when feeding them leftovers and double-checking what delights are left under the Christmas tree. 

Be mindful of the Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is usually the centre-piece of the festival season, however, it’s worth keeping in mind that although these look magical, they can be hazardous for dogs. Fir trees can be mildly toxic and cause upset stomachs, and the needles can get stuck in paws, causing discomfort for you pooch. To keep your furry friend healthy, be certain to sweep up the needles regularly!

As well as the Christmas tree, festive decorations such as Holly and Mistletoe are also poisonous to dogs.  

Keep them company 

The festive season can be a busy time for many people, but it’s crucial to remember that if you do go away visiting relatives, or even for a well earned holiday, not to leave your dog alone for too long. Make sure you create time for your four-legged friend and ensure lots of cuddles and plenty of time to play. 

Keep up the exercise 

Christmas can be a welcome break from routine and a chance for some serious relaxation time. Ensure you keep up your pets regular feeding and exercise routines to minimise disruption, and try fit in some long, festive walks to help keep your pooch fit and healthy.   

Visiting family and friends 

The festive period is often a busy one with visiting family and friends and in some cases, this can be a little overwhelming for your dog - especially if they’re not used to big groups. To help ease the stress on your dog, set them up a quiet room with their bed, favourite toys, food and water where they can go and relax if it all gets a bit too much. 

Treat them this Christmas 

Tasty food shouldn’t just be for humans! Treat your dog this festive season with some delicious, premium, sustainable dog food - which is great for your pooch and the planet. 

Made with organic/ free-range meat and MSC-certified fish - Goood is the perfect present for any doggo. And, even better, our turkey range means a festive meal all round!