Introducing #DoGoood

Here at Goood, we’re committed to 'doing good' for people, the planet and our dogs. In fact, because we put so much emphasis into this, on occasions people don’t know we’re a dog food brand!

In an effort to increase our social, environmental and community focus, whilst keeping our tasty dog food separate to our way of business, we’ve decided to create a mini umbrella within the brand called ‘#DoGoood’, which highlights the things we do for people and the planet, plus offers up tips and advice to help you get involved in our mission.

From an interactive perspective, think organised beach cleans, giving to the homeless, park cleanups with loneliness charities or pop-up puppy parlours at Universities to help struggling students.

#DoGoood will also feature regular blogs and videos showcasing how fellow dog-lovers can give back to their local communities with individual tips and tricks to lower your footprint and your pups pawprint on the planet.

January is the perfect time for giving back, so we’re kicking off our #DoGoood acts with a range of exciting activities, so watch this space as we shake-up the dog-food market and spread our eco-friendly message as wide as possible!

Keep up to date through our blog and our Facebook and Instagram.


Just as a reminder, here are a number of ways our product benefits not just your dog but also people and the planet. It’s time to shake up the dog food market one bowl at a time:

🌎 Carbon-neutral delivery, directly to your door every month.

🌎 MSC certified fish or free-range animals farmed to the highest standards.

🌎 World first, recyclable packaging.

🌎 We donate food to the Salvation Army and support the Bumblebee Conservation Trust