How We're Taking Action To Help The Homeless, And Their Pets

We're taking action to help those most in need by donating product to homeless shelters and volunteering with a local charity.

For each kilo of our free-range Lamb dog food sold, we're donating 100g to pet food shelters, where those most in need can get much-needed supplies for their dogs. These shelters are almost entirely reliant on donations to run successfully and we're proud to be able to offer our food to help ensure healthy and happy dogs. 

We're currently working with shelters in Augsburg and Berlin to donate food, and we're also working with a local Bristol homelessness charity, Roots Independent Street Team, by volunteering time and dog food to its outreach service. 

Roots Independent Street Team are a group of volunteers who are dedicated to providing hot food, kindness and conversation to the city’s homeless community. They meet every Thursday evening to give out food, clothing and support to those who need it most.

We’re proud to have developed partnerships with these brilliant homelessness charities, and be able to aid their amazing work in bringing vital support to those who need it most.

Since June, we have donated over 200kg of food to these shelters, and we’ll be donating a further 250kg in the coming months. 

We're truly dedicated to giving back to people, the planet and our pets, and seeing the work being done by these organisations is truly inspiring and we can’t wait to enhance and develop our support of these charities in the future.


Photo credit: Pete Sherrard - Roots Independent Street Team