How We're Helping To Clean Up Our Oceans

We love our planet just as much as we love dogs, that’s why we’ve paired up with the amazing charity One Earth One Ocean to help clean up our seas.  

As part of our commitment to giving back to people and the planet, we're donating part of our sales from our sustainable seafood range to the ocean conservation charity, One Earth One Ocean. 

For every 1kg of product sold, the charity will remove 2kg of plastic out of the ocean. With more than 150 million tons of plastic already found in the world’s seas, and with over 10 million tons more added each year, One Earth One Ocean is on a mission to remove and recycle the plastic clogging up our seas and rivers. 

The charity uses a number of different vessels to collect this ocean plastic, which is then recycled or turned back into oil - in fact, approximately 900 litres of oil can be recovered from a ton of plastic. The organisation is also involved in oil purification, microplastic reduction, research, education and documentation on marine littering, in order to encourage positive behaviour change when it comes to plastic use. 

GooodUK Director Hugo Griffiths comments: “Plastic pollution is a huge problem affecting our planet, and charities such as One Earth One Ocean are vital for safeguarding our oceans for future generations. We’re proud to be working with this brilliant organisation to help clean up ocean plastic and help our oceans to thrive.”

 Check out the One Earth One Ocean in action below, awesome!