How We’re Helping To Save The Rhino

As part of our commitment to 'doing good' for people, the planet and our pets, we’re proud to announce that we’re supporting the German organisation, Rettet das Nashorn (Save The Rhino), and helping to ensure the protection of this endangered species.   

Rettet das Nashorn is supporting the female Black Mamba Anti-Poaching Unit, who along with their dogs, are dedicated to protecting the last rhinos in South Africa’s Krüger National Park. The unit search for poachers, illegal rhino horn hunters, weapons and injured animals. 

The organisation also works to train special tracking dogs to help the Black Mambas with their mission.

As well as their dedication to protecting the National Park and the animals who call this area home, the Black Mambas also strive to educate the local communities about animal welfare and the importance of ensuring their protection. By raising awareness of the devastating effects of poaching and by educating the local communities on the surrounding environment and conservation, they’re installing an ethical ethos within future generations.

We’ll be aiding this hugely important team by partnering with Rettet das Nashorn and supporting the Black Mambas and their dogs.

Watch the team in action below... 

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