How To Stay Productive When Working At Home With Your Dog

We’re currently living through uncertain times. Many of us have moved our offices into our homes and adopted the ‘home working’ life. This means conference calls, video chats and lots of team catch-ups, but it also means lots of time spent with your dog.

We know the feeling of being on a call and praying that your dog doesn’t bark at a bird outside - that’s why we’ve put together our top tips for staying productive while WFH with your favourite four-legged friend. 

Create them a separate area 

We know your dog likes sitting on your lap while you work, but is this really productive? Try creating them a separate area with their food, water and toys to ensure you can truly knuckle down and get some work done. 

This is not only great for your productivity but it’s also good for your work like balance and can help prevent the feeling that you’re living in your office.

Have designated playtime

We know its tempting to play with your doggo all day long, but this is tricky if you’re going to get any work done. Dogs are distracting, they’re cute and they’re fun, and often they’re much more fun than sitting doing work. However, set yourself designated play times throughout the day to give yourself a break from work.

Ensure they’re occupied 

We all know what it’s like when your dog is bored and lacking in attention, and the last thing you want is them barking or chewing everything in the house. To prevent having to break from your workflow to calm them down or entertain them, ensure your dog is occupied with their favourite toys! 

Take them for a lunchtime walk

A great way to boost productivity whilst burning off some of your doggos extra energy is to take them for a lunch-time walk. This helps you get out of the house and get some fresh air, and it keeps your doggo happy too. If you’ve got a particularly energetic dog, try taking them for a morning walk too. 

Keep them entertained during calls

No one wants their doggo barking while they’re on calls, this is not only super distracting but it’s also not great for your colleagues. Make sure you check on them before any important calls and you’ve ensured they have everything they need to keep them entertained. Oh, and get familiar with the mute button just in case!