How To Say Goodbye To Pointless Plastic

With approximately 8 million pieces of plastic finding their way into our oceans every day, cutting down on the amount you use is a great way to reduce your impact on the planet. We all know the effects this plastic has on marine life and on our coastlines, it finds its way in the stomach of animals and becomes strewn across our beautiful beaches. 

We also know how important plastic has become to our everyday lives, but there are ways we can reduce our consumption. As dog owners, it’s easy to rely on plastic toys, beds and bowls, and non-recyclable dog food pouches. However, try these easy switches for a more planet-friendly lifestyle for you and your pet. 

Plastic-free toys 

We know keeping your doggo entertained can be tough, but you don’t need to rely on pointless plastic to keep their attention. Have a go at making your own plastic-free dog toys, using anything from knotted up strips of bedsheets or platted rope or check out this article for more inspo! 

Plastic-free grooming 

Shampoo bottles are a huge contributor to our plastic problem, so try making your dog’s grooming routine a little more eco-friendly by using shampoo bars instead of bottles. Not only are they better for the planet, but often these bars are free of nasty chemicals so are kinder to your dog too! 

Plastic-free accessorise

From plastic leads to dog beds, accessorise for our favourite four-legged friends are usually pretty un-planet friendly. Try shaking up your pet supplies with everything from recycled dog beds to bamboo bowls for a greener, more sustainable lifestyle. Even making these small changes can have a big impact on the planet! 

Planet-friendly dog food 

Plastic dog food pouches are a huge contributor to plastic waste with billions of these being sent to landfill every year. If you’re looking to cut down on pointless plastic, take a look at more planet-friendly pet food suppliers who’re taking steps to tackle their impact. Here at Goood, our dog food comes in a world-first, materially recyclable packaging which can be broken down and turned into something entirely new. 

In fact, The Times states that more than 10 billion plastic-aluminium packets containing baby food, pet food and drinks are sold each year in the UK, but only one in 20,000 are recycled!


Have you heard the latest anti-plastic trend… plogging? This is an activity which combines litter picking and jogging to help clean up local areas and keep our neighbourhoods plastic-free. With hundreds of plogging groups in communities around the UK, find your local group and let’s get picking!