How to Ensure Your Easter is Top-Dog

Easter is the perfect time to get out and about in nature. We’re thinking woodland walkies and coastal strolls, and with the long weekend almost here it’s time to spend some quality time with your four-legged friend.

Easter can also be a tricky time for dogs, with chocolate eggs and plenty of treats lying around, these can be toxic for your pooch. So make sure you keep your dog away from dangerous foods, and treat them to some dog-friendly fun.

Give your pooch a spring clean

The warmer weather gives you the perfect opportunity to give your doggo a spring clean. Brush out their old winter coat or treat them to a trim to ensure they’re looking their best this Easter. This is also the perfect time to carry out a ‘fingertip massage’ on your dog to feel for any lumps and bumps, ticks or cuts that might have been hiding under their thick winter coat!

Get walking

Now the evenings are lighter and the weather is warmer, it’s the ideal time to start treating your dog to some longer walks. Make sure you build up their exercise gradually as, much like us, they might be lacking in fitness following the winter, and we don’t want to push them to do too much too soon.

Easter Treat Hunt

Fun Easter treasure hunts aren’t just for humans! Treat your pooch to a dog-friendly hunt by swapping out the chocolate eggs for your dogs favourite smelling treat, and then hide them around the garden! Follow them around and help them out with a few clues if they’re struggling and remember to watch out for daffodils and tulips are these are poisonous to dogs!

Switch to Organic Dog Food

Easter is a great time to switch up your dog's regular food, and instead treat them to organic! Organic dog food contains premium, wholesome and healthy ingredients without any hidden extras. We’re proud that our sustainable, organic dog food contains a combination of protein and plant-based ingredients, are grain free and have no preservatives, artificial flavourings or colours.