Goood sustainable premium dog food - what it means.

Exciting times are ahead, we are soon to be launching at Dogfest South, where I know we will be asked "what does it mean to be a sustainable dog food brand?"

There is no doubt we are living in a world where sustainable produce is becoming more important, but do you think about it when buying food for you dog? The answer is probably no.

Recent publications suggest that dogs could have a similar carbon footprint to that of a large SUV. Goood is out to change that. For the first time in the UK a full brand of sustainable dog food is available to purchase, sourced from certified free range or organic farms.

The food is packaged in the world’s first ever two-part recyclable dog food packaging, meaning the material can be transformed into something completely new in a process known as material recycling.

Goood has been developed by Interquell, who have collaborated with leading food experts and vets to create a premium dog food to suit all sizes, ages, tastes and feeding methods.

The Goood food range is available in five flavours all sourced from Free-range or organic farms. They are; lamb, turkey, chicken, fish, chicken and fish and are available in both dry biscuits and tinned wet food, along with dog treats. All the feed is grain free and contains only natural ingredients with no small print!

Goood is a CO2 neutral product made in Germany. The dog food manufacturing process produces a huge amount of CO2, from transport miles to factory pollution.  Therefore all Carbon Dioxide produced in production, animal farming process and transport vehicles is offset by protecting forests and planting trees in projects with local people in Brazil, Togo and Germany.

Transparency is our top priority: with our tracking ID you receive with your order you will be able to access the details about how and where we are offsetting CO2. Alongside this Goood will donate a 300g bag of dog food to those dogs in need, including dogs at homeless shelters in the UK with every 3kg + bag purchased.

Hugo Griffiths, Director said:

With dog food trends becoming more humanised, we realised the impact the industry is having on the environment, and it is not acceptable. Animal welfare has been at the forefront of consumers mind in the grocery sector but not when it comes to dog food. Most dog owners won't know where their dog’s food comes from, neither will their producers.

Our mission at Goood is to create a dog food brand that not only puts animal welfare at the forefront, it ensures there is no negative impact on the environment. We decided the only way forward was to be a fully recyclable and fully carbon neutral brand, in fact we are going the extra mile and offsetting more CO2 than we produce. Everything we do has the environment in mind.