Giving back this Christmas

Christmas for most of us is a mad and busy time, preparing ourselves to see distant family members and getting into the evermore commercialised festive spirit. 
But have you ever taken a moment to think about the people who aren’t as fortunate as us?
Well, this year I decided, rather than getting my family members pointless presents that will either be drunk or never touched after Christmas day, I thought I would use my money to do some good.
So last night, I went into my local town of Cheltenham, walked down the high-street where I met two gentlemen, Mike and Darren that were living on the street. After a bit of conversation, I explained to them what I was up to and asked if I could buy them anything for Christmas. 
I was humbled by their reply. All they wanted was a pair of new gloves and possibly a hat. But after a little more conversation, I realised Mike needed a bit more. Darren explained that he was in the more fortunate position of the two, as he had a place in a local shelter. Whereas Mike only had an old tatty and wet sleeping bag. 
So off I popped, up to the local Millets on the high-street and explained what I was up to. The manager was extremely kind and threw in a couple of freebies to add to my assortment of hats, gloves and sleeping bags. 
I went back and met up with Mike & Darren where I handed over a selection of items, which I thought would help them have a better chance of staying warm and dry. The local Millets provide me with these great waterproof ponchos to keep their bottoms off the wet ground and emergency foil blanket to help with those cold nights. 
As I continued on my journey down the high-street, I came across Cath, Steve and a gentleman who was asleep. I stopped and chatted and made sure that I gave them a few items each. But it became very clear to me that even though they had a semi-warm damaged jacket or an old dirty duvet. Many didn’t have gloves, woolly hat or anything to keep them properly warm and off the wet ground. 
I will be going out again on Christmas Eve, armed with the same selection of goodies. My challenge to you this Christmas is to do the same. Don’t get too caught up in the commercialisation of Christmas but have a think about those who don’t have as much as you.
Hats, gloves and ponchos all cost under £10. Sleeping bags from as little as £20. A few of each won’t break the bank, but they will make the difference to someone in need. Together I really hope we can do some good. 
Merry Christmas and thank you!
Best wishes,

Watch this space for our #dogoood campaign in the new year.