Five Ways To Boost Your Dogs Fitness This New Year

Getting fit in the New Year shouldn’t just be a goal for us hoomans, it’s also a brilliant resolution to share with your pet! How about kicking off the decade with a health boost to ensure your pet is healthy and happy on the inside and out. So, while you might have pledged to hit the gym, it’s harder to ensure our doggos are getting the exercise they need, we’ve therefore given our top five tips to help boost their fitness this January...

  • Fetch!

  • Everyone loves fetch, right! Taking a tennis ball along with you on walks for some long fetch sessions is a great way to get your dog running. If you have an energetic dog it’s the perfect way to get their heart pumping, and it offers some awesome bonding time with your pooch.  

  • Swimming 

  • There are lots of natural, beautiful places you can take your dog for a swim. If you’re considering taking your dog swimming do a little bit of research first to know where the best spots are and where is safe to go. Swimming is a great exercise as it gets your dog using muscles they didn't know they had and gives them a good kick of energy. Plus, if it’s a hot day its a great way for them to cool down!

  • Running 

  • If you’re a runner then why not consider bringing your four-legged friend with you next time you go? Exercising with your pet is a great way to keep them fit as well as yourself. It means bonding time with your doggy without having to do two separate workouts. Dogs are the perfect running companions and having them run alongside you gives you a boost of motivation if things get tough.

  • Agility classes 

  • Agility classes are amazing action-packed, energy-filled workouts for your dog - and are both mentally and physically challenging. These classes send your dog through a number of interesting obstacles in a certain time limit, meaning their heart gets pumping whilst they’re having fun. 

  • Try not to skip a walk! 

  • It can be really easy to skip a walk on grey rainy days but this isn’t fair for on your dog. Walks are important for their mental and physical health, not to mention that when your dog hasn’t had a walk they are far more likely to be on their worst behaviour! So in order to keep them fit, pop a raincoat on, grit your teeth and go for it.